Clean Room Wiper

Suitable for cleaning and wiping of LCD panel and photo-mask surface (superfine fibers)

Standand Specification On 24cm×24cm(clean packaged)
Polyester/nylon blending ratio Readings
Specifications 70%/30%
Weight 170g/㎡±3%
Thickness 0.32±0.03mm
Apparent density 0.531g/cm±3%
Lengthwise/widthwise fabric density 83×84yarns/inch
Tenslie strength(JIS L1096 6.12.1method"A") Lengthwise/widthwise strength 14.0×5.0kgf/cm
Tenslie elongation(JIS L1096 6.12.1method"A") 170%×280%
Tear strength(JIS L1096 6.15method"A-1") Lengthwise/widthwise strength 1.0×4.0kgf
JIS L1042.6.1,at 80°C for 30 minutes 2.0%×2.0%
Standard wiper size and mode of packing
Handkerchief type Tape type
Size Pieces/packege Size
7cm×7cm 1000 1.3cm×47cm
15cm×15cm 200 1.6cm×47cm
24cm×24cm 100 2.0cm×47cm
50cm×50cm 20 6.0cm×47cm
100cm×100cm 5 12.0cm×47cm
MCW-10 100PCS/bag,10bag/ccm   MCW-100 150PCS/bag,10bag/ccm   MCW-1000 150PCS/bag,10bag/ccm

Applied range: CLASS1 to 10 (MCW-10)

Split-type complex superfine fiber with perfect wiping/cleaning functions.

Used for : Optical、TFT-LCD、LED、CD、CDR、Computer、Critical、environment、Color monitor

Principles of wiping/cleaning:

1. Multi-shaving effect:

One piece of single thick fiber split into hundreds of superfine fibers as a wiper, providing more shaving effects than general wipers.


2. Wide-contact effect:

General thick fibers with larger bending rigidity, providing less contact surface between fabric raise and object, on the other hand, superfine fibers possess smaller bending rigidity and softness (silk-like), providing strong wiping capability resulted from large contact surface between fabric raise and object.


3. Inner-trap effect:

For wiper made of superfine fibers, dirt will be moved outward along the capillary tunnel of fibers after it has been shaved, showing effect of inner trap which may avoid dirt from retaining on surface of the wiper so as to prevent extremely precise products from scratches.

Application: CLASS 100 to 10000(MCW-100/1000)

Super-high quality wiper
100% polyester continuous weaving
Applied 4-side laser sealing
Dust fall is far lower than general conditions
Wiper with heat-sealed sides and ultrasonic-sealed sides
Demonstrate super powerful wiping capability conforming to various cleanliness requirements.

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