Business Items

Design, planning and construction for clean rooms and sterile clean rooms / Design, planning and construction for refrigeration and air conditioning constant temperature-humidity rooms

PIC/S GMP Cosmetics GMP Food GMP
Medical Device GMP GTP Laboratory GLP Laboratory
P2 Laboratory Chemical Laboratory Animal Laboratory

Design, planning and construction for pollution abatement and control equipments

Air pollution environmental protection processing construcion
Wastewater environmental protection processing construction
Exhaust and dust collection tubing construction
Packed scrubber tower
Acid and alkali resistant equipment
PP hood, reagent cabinet

Manufacturing clean room and sterile clean room equipments / Planning and design for processing equipments / Control construction for ESD protection

Air Shower Pass Box
Automatic Hand Wash/Dryer Pressure Relief Damper
Sterile Clean Bench Clean Booth Station
Fan Filter Unit (FFU) High Efficiency Particule Air filter
Chemical Filter Various Ion Generator Controller
ESD Measuring Instruments Antistatic PVC Materials
Antistatic Clothing (Sterile Clothing) Relevant Consumable Supplies
Various Filters of Primary/Medium/High Efficiency
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