Spirits in Corporate Culture: Honest, Strictness, Promptness, Services, Creation, and Quality

Our Quality Policies:
  • 1. Quality Priority (Honest and Strictness) → Fulfillment of required SOP-based work
  • 2. Strive for speed (Promptness and Services) → Implementation reinforced by sense of duty
  • 3. Sophisticatedly advanced (Creation and Quality) → Respect our customers and products

Corporate New 6-S Movemnet:

  • Sort, Shine, Simplicity,
  • Standardization, Self-control, and Safety

Goal for our endeavors:

  • 1. We believe – that customer priority is the principle for corporate sustainable development
  • 2. We will – make our best efforts to pursue high quality and comprehensive after- service
  • 3. We insist – to steadily operate the business for securing sustainable prosperity and development

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