Special Achievement
Constant Temperature/Humidity Clean Room

Our company specializes in air conditioning of manufacturing process for various industries, including increased temperature, lowered temperature, increased humidity, dehumidification and high temperature, low temperature, thermal circulation, constant temperature and humidity construction, with precise automatic control and energy-efficient air conditioning equipments to validate and verify design criteria, providing you with environmental requirements for temperature and humidity in manufacturing process and proper planning/designs to manufacture continuously stable system air conditioners.

PIC/S Pharmaceutical Clean Room with Grade A.B.C.D.

Our company specializes in integrated planning, design and manufacturing for equipment construction of clean rooms for GMP-cGMP-PIC/S GMP, with design criteria validated and verified, accurately calibrated in accordance with the Global GMP Standard Compliant Forum - 14th July 2010 of Modular GMP Cleanroom Design & ISO 14644 regulations, providing relevant equipments integrated construction for sterile clean rooms.

Biotechnological Clean Room

Our company specializes in planning, design and manufacturing for sterile clean rooms of healthy food, cosmetics, medical device and special chemicals with high efficiency and precise capability in planning achievement, enabling customers to acquire ISO 9001, ISO 13485, SO 14971, ISO 22716, and GMP certification within shortest periods, assisting customers’ products to be marketed on best timing.

Antimagnetic Isolation Clean Room, MRI Room, Ultrasonic Room, Operation Room, etc.

Our company specializes in MRI Room, Ultrasonic Room, Operation Room, EB Exposure Device, Electron Microscopy, Precise Measuring Instrument, Frequency Converter or other magnetic interference equipment or electronic, medical and testing clean rooms required -40dB~60dB of isolation with necessary high frequency attenuation isolation and manufacturing process/production clean rooms required low electromagnetic wave strength -80dBm~100dBm with necessary high frequency attenuation isolation construction technology and material construction.

Modular Clean Room System

Our company specializes in providing professional construction for sterile clean rooms in various industries, applications for energy-efficient air conditioning equipments, precise temperature-humidity control, integrated construction for micro-environment systems with synchronized evolution of advanced manufacturing process, creating high-quality process environments to achieve higher purity in the modularized environment control for manufacturing process and integrate sterile clean room of systemic equipments construction.

ADIMMUNE FFU Distribution Calculation List

Dimensions for Clean Room Air Change
Class FFU  









Class Size

Air Volume


No. required


Dispersion rate




Perforated Raised Floor No.


40 6.8 5.4 1042 45 10K 2'*4' 15 52 9.547 0.45 N/A
40 6.8 5.40 1129.0 45 10K 2'*4' 15 56 56 0.45 N/A

FFU Layout

Airflow Simulation

Air Pollution Prevention System

Our company specializes in various constructions for air pollution prevention, including planning, design and manufacturing of steel structure, tank and tubing for high & low pressure blowers, heat exchangers, powder transportation, drying equipments, air conditioning filters, indoor/outdoor air purifying treatment, as well as PVC, FRP, PP corrosion-resistant tank blowers for oil smoke, corrosive toxic/stink gas.

Precise Temperature-Humidity Control Air Conditioning System

Our company specializes in planning, design and manufacturing for relevant air conditioning constructions of industries such as semiconductors, optoelectronic panel, electronics, biochemical technology, biotech, precise machinery, pharmaceutics manufacturing and hospitals, including constant temperature/humidity control for sterile clean rooms, outdoor air conditioning treatment, stabilized operation and automation for air conditioning system, pressure distribution for clean room, optimal airflow distribution and airflow direction control, as well as standardized validation and verification.

Cleaning Equipments for Sterile Clean Rooms

Our company, based on ISO14644 and PIC/S GMP relevant regulations, specializes in manufacturing equipments related to sterile clean rooms, including various precise filters, Fan filter unit (FFU), Air handling unit (AHU), Make-up air units (MAU), Air shower, Pass box, pressure relief damper, clean booth station, clean bench, clean equipments for gowning room, automatic hand wash/dryer, as well as R&D and production for custom-made equipments required in manufacturing process.

Tubing System for Manufacturing Process

Our company specializes in planning and design of clean room tubing construction for various industries, including compressed air system, process cooling water system, low vacuum system, high vacuum system, eye and body washer, DI water, drain tubing, breath equipment, special gas tubing construction and ice water, hot water, and vapor, etc tubing constructions for air conditioning systems.

Package Equipments and Constructions Export of Clean Rooms

Our company specializes in package plant export for equipments and constructions of clean rooms for areas such as USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, including air conditioning machinery equipments, inner insulation materials and sterile clean room equipments consisted of package plant equipments, as well as technical know-how required for integrated planning and design in package plant equipments, and technical personnel export primarily including total solution of integrated product, experience, knowledge, service and technology for brand new package plant export.

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