Clean Room Management Device
Magnetic Whiteboard for Clean Room

Unit Name MB-120-ES MB-60-ES
Usage Using magnetic pens and erasers as tools
Thickness 2mm
Board Dimensions 841mm(H)*1144(w) 841mm(H)*555(w)
Overall Dimensions 893mm(H)*1196(w) 893mm(H)*607(w)
Stand Portion 1822mm(H)*1196(w)*536(D) 1822mm(H)*607(w)*536(D)
Total Weight 19.7KG 14.0KG
Papers for Clean Room

Items Specifications Packing
Copy Paper A3/B4/A4/B5/Letter size
Color: light blue/light pink/light yellow/light green/purple/orange/white
250 pcs./pouch, 10 pouches/carton
Continuous-form Paper 9"*11"/9.5"*11"/10"*11"/15"*11"
Color: light blue/light pink/light green/purple gray
Whole carton
Notebook A4/B5/A5,32 pages/pc
Inner page: light blue horizontal lines
10 packs/pouch, 10 pouches/carton
Receipt Form 76*51mm
Color: blue/red/yellow/green
10 pcs/pk, 30 packs/box
Thermal Paper 57mm/60mm/110mm/112mm/216mm, etc. of various sizes
Spec: inner/13mm, outer/48mm
Applied range: Class 1 to 10
Whole carton
Barcode Sticker Various sizes
Color: light blue/light pink
Especially for use in clean room/strong adhesion/weak adhesion
Whole carton
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