Introduction to Air Shower

Air Shower is used to blow away dust on clothing, equipments, materials and tools before workers or objects enter the Clean Room; meanwhile, its Air Lock function may effectively control personnel passing in and out, as well as act as various levels of buffer room for clean room to prevent cross pollution.

Single-blowing Specifications

Model ASS-34S ASS-35S ASS-36S ASS-39S
Outer Dimensions
1150 x 1200 x2150 1150x1500x2150 1150x2000x2150 1150x2800x2150
Inner Dimensions
800x1100x2000 800x1400x2000 800x1900x2000 800x2700x2000
Speed (m/s) 20~25
Air Change (time/hr) 273 241 316 250
Nozzle No. 8 9 16 18
Structure Pre-painted cold work steel sheet ■ Stainless steel
Lighting 20W x 1 30W x 1 20W x 2 30W x 2
Dust Collection Efficiency Over 99.99% 0.3μm D.O.P TEST
HEPA Dimension x Quantity 610x610x50x1pcs 915x610x50x1pcs 610x610x50x2pcs 910x610x50x2pcs
Aluminum Door Anodized Aluminum door with 5mm glass and built-in automatic door closer
Function 1.Entrance guard confirmation/Auto-check 2.INTER LOCK Automatic coordinated control
Power Consumption 0.4KW 0.75KW 0.4KW x 2set 0.75KW x 2set
Human Machine Interface (option)
Alerts Interface
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