Pressure Relief Damper

Relief damper is also referred to as relief valve with function to adjust and maintain the required pressure difference between outside and inside of a clean room; such a pressure relief damper may avoid foreign contaminated air from entering the room and interior gas from leak out, achieving to maintain the required negative pressure.

Model PD-46 PD-24 PD-35
Adaptable voltage Positive pressure Negative pressure
Common dimensions HxW(mm) 400x600 200x400 350x550 350x550
Perforated dimensions HxW(mm) 360x560 210x410 360x560 360x560
Unit Pre-painted steel sheet ■ Stainless steel
Pressure plate Aluminum sheet
Pressure adjustment 0.5~2.5 mmWG 0.5~2.0 mmWG
Processed volume 2~5m3 /min 0.15~0.44m3 /min
Alert function   Buzzing indicator light
Power supply   110V/220V

For use with pitot tube
Model Range
Number MM of Water
2000-6MM+ 0-6
2000-10MM 0-10
2000-25MM 0-25
2000-50MM 0-50
2000-80MM 0-80
2000-100MM 0-100

Model Range Fluid Used
25 0-3 in. w.c. Red oil,.826 s.g.
26 0-7 in. w.c. Blue oil, 1.91 s.g.
MM-80 0-80 mm w.c. Red oil ,.826 s.g.
MM-180 0-180mm w.c. Blue oil,.191 s,g.
M-700Pa 10-0-700 Pa Red oil ,.826 s.g,
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