Hand wash/dryer, glove disposal can
Automatic Hand Wash/Dryer (MWD-01)

Cleanliness Class 1~100 Dust collection efficiency

Efficiency: Over 99.99% 0.3 μm D.O.P. TEST

                   Over 99.999% 0.12 μm D.O.P. TEST

Model MWD-01 H E A P Size:250x300x70mm
Outer dimensions 580x530x1670 (WxDxH) Primary filter Size:180x460x22mmNon-woven nylon
Velocity Over 20m/s Control functions 1.Automatic water supply for hand wash with preset time
2.Automatic drying after hand wash completed with preset drying time
3.Automatic stop after hand wash/drying completed and kept in stand-by status.
Unit Pre-painted cold work steel shee ■ Stainless steel plate
Hand wash portion Spray-type water cleaning tap
Hand drying portion Powerful clean air nozzle Power consumption 0.4KW
Mirror Stain-proof mirror Power supply 1 Φ 220V 60Hz
Glove Disposal Can
Main Unit:SUS304/1.2mm stainless steel plate
Container square:4 squares / 6 squares (option)
Accessory:Transparent acrylic removable disposal can(W400 x D450 x H500mm)

Clean (gowning room) management shall jointly use with consumables disposal cans, making it convenient to take masks, gloves, shoe covers and bouffant cap.
Air-blade Hand Dryer

Cleanliness Double Jet Flow Motor type Brushless DC motor
Model JT-SB216DS Safety equipment Current breaker/Fuse
Frequency 90m/s Power cord N/A
Power supply Single phase 220-240\/ 50-60Hz Water drain tank volume 0.8 L


Weight 11 KG
Power consumption 650    

* Airflow velocity measured at the nozzle.

Automatic Air-Blade Hand Washer (MWD-02)

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