Anti-static Seamless Floor Systems
NCS S 2010-Y50R
Welding Rod
  NCS S 1000-N
Welding Rod
  NCS S 2502-B
Welding Rod
  NCS S 4005-R80B
Welding Rod
Welding Rod
Welding Rod
  NCS S 1005-Y60R
Welding Rod
Welding Rod
Welding Rod
Seamless Floor Specifications
  Anti-abrasive Seamless Floor Anti-static Seamless Floor Static Conductive Class Static Conductive Class (Arms works only)
Thickness 2.0m/m 2.0m/m 2.0m/m 2.0m/m
Board Width 2公尺 2公尺 2公尺 2公尺
Board Length 20公尺 20公尺 20公尺 20公尺
Roll Size 40m2 40m2 40m2 40m2
Weight 3.09kg/m2 3.09kg/m2 3.6kg/m2 3.6kg/m2
Density 1.16gm/cc 1.16gm/cc 1.8gm/cc 1.8gm/cc
Tile Size   612mmx612mm 612mmx612mm Intact Roll Only
Electrical Impedance   Min 1x107 Ω
Max 1x109 Ω
Min 5x104 Ω
Max 5x107 Ω
5x104 Ω
Construction Method for Seamless Floor
  • On the contact edge between two floors, create a groove of 1/2 to 2/3 in depth and 3.0mm in width with digging tools as shown in fig. (1) and fig. (2), it would be improper for that in fig. (3) because the groove is too deep.

  • Then, proceed to repair welding with plastic of identical color and quality, using heat gun (at temperature 70 to 80°C ), exothermic welding through nozzle closely in the groove.
  • After completely sealed and the temperature lowered to room temperature, grind the burst repair welding with clippers and scrapers to create a perfect seamless floor.
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