Table for Planning/Design of Clean Room

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Name and layout for clean room: Names for various areas, process equipments layout, space and dimensions  of construction area shall be specified in the drawings.



Cleanliness class for clean room: Required cleanliness class shall be specified (in case of regulatory requirement, design verification shall be made in parallel):



Detailed height of clean room shall include floor height above ground and locations of beam column, ceiling height of clean room, height under beam, height between tubing and room volume.


4. Establishing requirement table for clean room equipments and cyclone equipments from proprietor, such as:
1.Power consumption:____________KW
2.Power supply type:__________phase__________Volt__________Hz
3.Air exhaust:____________CFM
4.Ice water flow:___________LPM
7. Heat production from process equipment/machinery:


Kcal/hr×__________unit, KW×__________unit, HP×__________unit、
Kcal/hr×__________unit, KW×__________unit, HP×__________unit、
Kcal/hr×__________unit, KW×__________unit, HP×__________unit.

8. Required exhaust (with gas type specified) :


__________CFM,__________ CMM、__________ CFM,__________ CMM、
__________CFM,__________ CMM、__________ CFM,__________ CMM.


Number of workers (maximum):__________ persons.



Required illuminance (with type of light source specified) :__________Lux(70 cm above ground).


11. Positive pressure(airflow direction of each area specified):


Cleanest area:__________mmAQ,Second cleanest area:__________mmAQ,
Buffer area:__________mmAQ.


Noise value (with noise value before construction specified:less than__________dB



Vibration(with vibration value before construction specified:vertical__________UM,lateral__________UM,           side alternating__________UM.


14. Floor(with water content tested before construction),for example:
Epoxy Resin Raised floor
Anti-static seamless PVC floor Anti-static seamless PVC tile
Conductive seamless PVC tile Others
15. Insulation partition (with anti-erosion/salinization or anti-static materials for low humidity area,for example::  
Nonflammable honeycomb metal plate (incombustible grade Ⅰ and grade)
Fire-retardant PF foam metal plate(one hour fire-retardant)
Mineral wool metal partition board(one hour fire-retardant)
PU metal plate(incombustible grade Ⅰ and grade Ⅱ)

16.Ceiling (with or without heat insulation slab):

Ceiling Grid Calcium Silicate ceiling with hinted grid
Metal plate identical to material of partition General light steel frame

17. Personnel flow chart(with flow and shift number specified)):

Gowning room layout Layout and size of Air Shower
Location of emergency exit Layout of shoes cabinet
Layout of clothes cabinet Others

18. Material flow chart (with volume and size for pass objects specified):

Layout for Buffer room Layout and size for Air Lock
Layout and size for PASS BOX Others

19. Location and layout for control room(with floor height in building and construction area specified):

A. Location for cooling tower B. Water chiller
C. AHU D. Gas scrubber tower
E. Air compressor F. De-ionized water room
G. Acid/alkali liquid storage tank H. Gas cabinet
I. Vacuum pump J. Switch box
K. Central control board L. VOC
M. Socket N. Others

20. Type of sterile clean room (with industrial regulations specified):

Operation room(○Heart ○Brain ○phthalmology ○Embryonic transplant ○General)
Burn ward(○Hydrotherapy ○peration room ○Hyperbaric oxygen ○Ward)
TPN laboratory Embryonic culture room
Chemotherapy room Isolation room for respiratory (GI) infection
Negative pressure isolation ward TB laboratory
Bone marrow transplantation ward Sterile animal care room
P1~P4 laboratory(USA NIH standard) SPF animal laboratory
Non-SPF animal laboratory
Drinks Instant food
etort pouch food Low-temperature sterile food
Frozen food Chilled prepared food
Dairy High-temperature sterile food
Food supplements Bottled water
Drug GMP or CGMP
Dosage form specified for western medicine
Dosage form specified for traditional Chinese medicine
Dosage form specified for veterinary medicine
Medical device GMP( □ Invasive  □ Non-invasive)
Manufacturing procedures for purification, dispersion and etching of semiconductor wafer
Lead frame itching and cut foot Surface treatment and metal evaporation
Assembly of lithium iron battery BONDING Bezel bonding
LCD Gas/Solid state laser
Sputtering process Backlight plate, light guide plate
Optical lens Calibration and measurement laboratory(Secondary laboratory)
Precise printing Biochip
CD、VCD、tape Cementing room
LCM Precise coating
Seed storage Culture room(seed/tissue culture)
Capsule formation Coating room
Drying room Clean oven
Packing and storage room for missile and gun powder
Aging Room (Burnin Room)    

21. Equipments to be provided by customer:

□ Water chiller__________RT
□ Vapor__________℃,__________㎏,Flow __________LPM
□ Cooling tower__________RT
□ Water pump__________HP × __________台
□ Other equipments

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