Ceiling System

Construction drawing for double-layer ceiling & T-bar suspension with FFU (Air Handling Units)

Testing Report Commissioned by Machinery Laboratory

Testing Sector: Metal Industries Research & Development Centre
Consignor: Jier Yaa Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sample Name: Various Load Testing for ceiling suspension beam of clean room

Testing Item Various Load Testing for suspension beam
Details Tension test for horizontal justification Tension test for T-grid suspension beam Compression test for T-grid cross connector Tension test for T-shape screw
Result Maximum tension load:
Suspension beam broken at 1,642.3 kgf
Maximum tension load:
1,650 kgf
Cropping:40.0m Ψ
Maximum tension load:530kgf
Maximum tension load:
1,100 kgf
Detailed Drawing for Ceiling Construction of Clean Room

Detailed construction drawing for double-layer ceiling

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