Anti-acid/alkali Epoxy Floor Systems
Construction Description Drawing

Standard thickness 2~5±0.2mm

Treatment for Construction Surface
  • New Concrete Surface

    Preferably with monolithic finish or pulping, normally taking at least 28 days of hardening, and concrete strength shall reach 3500 lb with neat surface. As for cement alkali or bunches stuck on the surface are to be removed with electric rock polishing machines or grinding machines.
  • Old Concrete Surface

    After pare off the embrittled parts and treat with special solvents for oily attachments, clean with neutral cleaners and rinse with water, then leave completely dry.
  • Remove miscellaneous objects and dust with vacuum cleaners.
Basic Coating

Measure fixed combination of basic coating main ingredient and hardener, completely mixing with an electric stirrer and painting with brushes or spray painting within applicable time (about 5 hours) to form a tight and anti-reversed moist contact layer.

Medium Coating

After basic coating dry (3 to 5 hours), completely mix the main ingredient and hardener and evenly painting with brushes, paint rollers or trowels.

Upper Coating

Paint with brush spray painting using main ingredient and hardener mixture solution.

*Note: If interval between paintings exceeds one hour, the coated surface shall be roughed for increased adhesion.

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