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2003   / Module Clean Technology Co., Ltd. was established by professionally technical professionals, service areas including refrigeration and air conditioning, pollution abatement and control manufacturing , and automation equipments construction, etc.
2004   / Establishment of Construction Department applying Fed-Std-209E CLEAN ROOM Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for clean room systems including procedures related to planning, design, construction and supervision.
2005   / Establishment of the Factory for assembly of Clean Booth, Air shower, Pass Box, Clean Bench, and FFU, etc., as well as establishment of Mei Hua Applied Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
2006   / Manufacturing mini environment with Japanese technology to provide Class 10 to 100 High-Clean Environment Systems.
2007   / Manufacturing clean room equipments for overseas markets including USA, Mainland China, and Southeast Asia, etc.
2008   / Package export of clean rooms provided to overseas markets such as Brazil, Southeast Asia, etc., and introduction of ISO 14644 Clean Room Regulations.
2009   / Establishment of 1880m2 manufacturing facilities in Ping-Zeng to produce clean room equipments for optoelectronic manufacturers, and establishment fo Kaohsiung branch office.
2010   / Establishment of the Sales and Manufacturing Divisions, and introduction of biopharmaceutical technology and PIC/S GMP Guide regulations.
2011   / Establishment of 800m2 manufacturing facilities in Chong-Li and corporate office of 528 m2 in Neihu Science-based Industrial Park, as well as establishment of Da Feng International Engineering Co., Ltd.
2012   / Business activities include industries such as semiconductors, optoelectronics, biopharmaceutical technology, medical biotech and related laboratories.
2013   / Business activities expanded to public construction, including Academia Sinica, Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology in supervision for constructions of integrated clean rooms, etc., as well as involvement in Taiwan Parenteral Drug Association and Taiwan Environmental Testing & Certification Association.
2014   / Providing professional construction for sterile clean rooms, applications for energy-efficient air conditioning systems, precise temperature-humidity control, integrated construction for micro-environment systems with synchronized evolution of advanced manufacturing procedures, creating high-quality processing environments to achieve higher purity in the environment control for manufacturing procedures.
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