Raised Floor Systems
Raised Floor

Raised alloy tiles are completely made of aluminum alloy with its features of erosion-resistance, high strength, and high tension as well as the combination of the most perfect colors and the most precise sizes for the friendliest environment. All components are made by the most precise machinery with any part tolerance controlled within∮0.05mm, even any hair can not be inserted into the tight connection among tiles. All components are completely and precisely embedded, allowing you to walk silently.

A. Clean floor:With load at 4000 PSI and height of 30 to 100 cm, this type of clean floor may be applied with Epoxy and conductive tiles or anti-static tiles stuck on surface, and floor surface may be punched with 20% to 40% of air vents if necessary.


B. Computer floor:With load at 2000 PSI and height of 10 to 30 cm, this type of floor may be applied with 1000KG to 1500KG computers and anti-static tiles stuck on surface.

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