Shoes Cabinet for Gowning Room
Functions of Clean Garment Stocker

It provides clean and drying functions for clean clothes, avoids developing stink and offers better management for clean clothes, being extensively used by clean rooms.

Product Features
  • Energy-efficient with lower power consumption of only 145VA at high-speed operation
  • Low noise and quiet, noise level only 52DBA at high-speed operation
  • Freestanding design for adjustable locations
  • Fixed hanging rings to avoid clothes stands from milling around
Specifications Drawing for Clean Garment Stocker


Model Outer width MAC-500 Power Air change Number of hanging hook PVC screen Unit Laminated mesh Clothes hanging stand
MGC120 1200mm 1 set 50W About 235 time/hr 15 persons 0.3mm thick,
15cm for each ,
2cm for overlapped ones.
Powder-coating steel sheet Powder-coating steel sheet SUS 304#
MGC150 1500mm 1 set 50W About 190 time/hr 20 persons
MGC180 1800mm 2 set 100W About 310 time/hr 25 persons
MGC200 2000mm 2 set 100W About 280 time/hr 28 persons
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